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Celebrate our 5 year anniversary of the MLOVE ConFestival Europe in our magic castle!

Don’t miss what will be another inspiring & SOLD-OUT event experience …

South of Berlin, Beesenstedt Castle, June 25 – 27, 2014

“Best Event for Mobile”



Since 2010, we have invited amazing speakers to share their vision about the future of mobile & a lifestyle of mobility. Here are just a few of them:

“TED for Mobile”

Contagious Magazine


MLOVE is all about design thinking, networking, ideation and active engagement !

The MLOVE ConFestival focuses on innovative mobile opportunities for brands, entertainment, media & more industries and the impact of mobile as a catalyst for positive change.

MLOVE events bring together CEOs, innovators and start-up entrepreneurs from across multiple disciplines to share, learn and cross-pollinate ideas with an array of scientists, artists and international thought leaders.

Though the backdrop is Mobile, the goal is to stimulate new ideas and thinking which you can apply to your life, your business and to inspire others.

Ideas & Makers

“It’s all about the People” Ralf Rottmann (alumni)


Some of the world class brands we have the privilege to work with.

“Meetup of the IT Avantgarde”


Süddeutsche Zeitung


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“Life changing!”

Peter Hale, GBH (Speaker)

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