MLOVE is a global community that drives the Future of Mobility, Internet of Things and Smart Cities. We have a passion for meaning in technology and exponential disruption.


Since 2010, MLOVE is curating inspiring event experiences like at a castle North of Hamburg, Germany, or at amazing locations in Silicon Valley or Barcelona. MLOVE Salons are organized locally in various cities like Singapore, Tokyo, Vienna, Dublin, London and Austin.


MLOVE events bring together CEOs, CMOs, innovators and startup entrepreneurs from across multiple disciplines to share, learn and cross-pollinate ideas with an array of scientists, artists and other thought leaders.


The events are designed to maximize the opportunity of sharing life-changing services and applications that can impact us all for the better. An important part of the events are are creative collisions, provocative insights and some part of an collaborative un-conference.

MLOVE Future City Campus

Where Ideas and partnerships are born

Across from the Hafencity University in Hamburg lies our Campus. The district Hafencity ist closly located to the center of the city and is completly surrounded by water. Our Campus at the northend of the district and consists out of ship containers which are used as offices, showrooms and partylocations.

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New Mobility Day 2018

One of our most recent Events is the New Mobility Day on our campus. Every year we invite the most decorated thinkers around the theme future of mobility and motivate them to discuss the topic in relaxed atmosphere.


The frame is an exhibition and lectures about the newest ways of locomotion.


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Passion. Inspiration. Lifestyle of Mobility & Smart Citizens.

Future means possibilities! In a time which offers so many options, sometimes it´s hard to set the focus on the best opportunity possible. Which is why MLOVE always tries to show as many potential perspectives as possible. We align events to bring together the most promising startups, companys and thinkers from different industry sectors. We strongly believe that the best way in the future of exponential technologies is through powerful colaborations and a strong network!


The future needs us,

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